🎭 Brand Personality

When working on branding for hicathon, keep some key points in mind while designing, promoting, and mentioning content:

✔️ Do

  • 💬 Keep it positive

    • Hicathon is all about community, making people feel like they belong is what we strive for. When designing, try to keep wording personal while avoiding slang.

    • Making connections when promoting content created for hicathon is great! Whether you're tweeting, talking in telegram, or just planning sub-events during hicathon, continue to make connections with participants, volunteers & organizers.

    • Even though hicathon is a community-organized event, we want to keep a positive brand image. With recent boom in usage, positive messages about the platform and those that contribute is very important.

  • 💳 Credit when credit is due

    • Always credit the original creators of imagery, promotion content & written resources.

    • If you've used someone else's promotion content, as long as you have permission from the original creator, feel free to use it to promote hicathon. Even if the original creator didn't ask for credit, it's always recommended to do it anyways.

  • 💬 Discuss

    • Talk. Talk to the organizers about your plan to promote so that everyone can co-ordinate.

    • Talking to designers, copywriters, and content-creators is important when thinking about brand. We want to stay consistent with everything that we do, keeping the same fonts, colors, and writing styles.

    • If something seems off about promotion material, talk to the creator, give them feedback and show them this brand guidelines page.


  • 💬 Abuse hicathon's branding

    • Any racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise politically incorrect messages using hicathon's name, brand, or promotion material will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

    • Using hicathon's brand to self-promote with spam or un-ethical promotion practices that does not fit with our promotion plan is not to be used.

    • Yes, this event is community-driven but that does not mean you own full rights to the promotion material you use. Make sure to talk with the original creators to stay within their copyright terms.

  • 💳 Charge Tezos

    • Posts claiming they need donations for hicathon will not be tolerated. Unless it's for an official community Tezos pool, Tezos fountain, official hicetnunc addresses, or community funds, using hicathon's name, branding, and material is not permitted.

    • Claiming a participation or entry fee goes against hicathon's branding. We're a group of volunteers, not a touring rock band.

  • 💬 Find a loophole

    • If something isn't mentioned on this page, it doesn't mean it's permitted. Think before you post using hicathon's name, brandning and/or promotion materials. If you need clarification, we're more than happy to provide some at the discord server

📏 Design Guidelines

When working on branding for hicathon, keep these key points in mind while designing, curating, and giving feedback on content:

🖋️ Fonts

Fonts to be used for hicathon branding, promotion & content will be 'Source Code Pro' and 'Inconsolata', in order of imporance. The font 'Inconsolata' is only to be used in special cases where 'Source Code Pro' is not available or able to be used. Standard font weights will include 400 for regular typeface and 700 for bolded typeface, never to exceed 700. Make sure to read the licensing/attribution agreements attached with the fonts before using them.

This is a header in the font 'Source Code Pro'

This is a paragraph in the font 'Source Code Pro', you can download me here.

This is a header in the font 'Inconsolata'

This is a paragraph in the font 'Inconsolata', you can download me here.

🎨 Colors

The suggested color pallette includes three primary colors. The dominant two colors are to be used together, #111111 (A not-quite black) & #F3F5F3 (A not-quite white). You can find the different colors below, the last and non-dominant color is #A0A1A3 (A light grey).

Not-quite black

HEX #111111

Not-quite white


Light grey


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